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Bespoke Leathering can be seen on CAR S.O.S Series 1,2,3 and 4

 Bespoke Leathering will be appearing Car SOS with Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend which  is currently showing on National Geographic, More$ and Channel 4

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"Renovate not Replace"


Renovating interior leather or vinyl is becoming a more viable option which can produce great results! We at Bespoke Leathering have years of experience in putting life back into an interior that some see as “having seen better days”.


Using specific water based leather renovating products along with years of experience; we are able to asses the work required to bring your interior back to life.From light scratches to full interior restorations we have the skills, products and tools required to ensure your interior is in the best possible condition it can be.

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Not everyone wants the “new look”. We regularly work with customers who have Classic or Vintage cars. Keeping the used interior look is very important to them but they also realise that protecting there leather or vinyl against degradation is of upmost importance.

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Beyond Repair.
While we always try to keep all the original panels when renovating, sometimes the damage is just too bad. In cases such as this, we have the capability to replace individual panels before renovating.
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Looking for a change of colour without changing your leather or vinyl?
With special preparation we are able to change most interior to whatever colour you require.

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Whatever the condition your interior is in, you can be assured you will receive your interior back in a better condition than we received it in.




There is no secret surrounding what products we use to renovate interiors.
If you believe this is something you can take our yourself then why not visit out Leather Care page. We have a full list of colours currently on file with many more waiting to be added and if you do not see the colour you are after then please contact us.
You can purchase any of leather repair products by visiting our "Buy Leather repair online" under the Leathercare tab at the top of the page.

If you require any further information on our renovation service or products we offer please contact us.

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